DCould not find a unique node to start downloading from.²Neither a node nor a way with an endpoint outside of the
current download areas is selected.
Select a node on the start or end of a way or an entire way first.0No more connected ways to download.CThere are no ways connected to node ''{0}''. Aborting.BThere aren''t further connected ways to download.
A potential duplicate node of the currently selected node was found, though.

The currently selected node is ''{0}''
The potential duplicate node is ''{1}''
Merge the duplicate node onto the currently selected node and continue way downloading?,Download map data on the end of selected way8Easy downloading along a long set of interconnected waysMerge duplicate node?;Node ''{0}'' is a junction with more than 2 connected ways. Way Download`Way downloader data inconsistency. Prior connected way ''{0}'' wasn''t discovered after download˙˙