[id: {0}]ySelect to download data into a new data layer.
Unselect to download into the currently active data layer.Cancel Changeset id:Changeset {0}: {1}ConfirmDownload as new layer5Enter the ID of the changeset that should be reverted.It is not allowed to revert changeset from {0}Missing merge target for {0}Partially revert changeset {0}CPlease enter one or more integer values > 0 or full changeset URLs.Plugin for reverting changesetsPreparing history data...4Remote Control has been asked to revert a changeset.RevertRevert changesetRevert changeset fullyRevert changeset {0}Revert changesets,Revert selection and restore deleted objectsRevert selection onlyReverted changesetReverting changeset {0} Reverting...See {0}{The current input is not a list of valid changeset IDs. Please enter one or more integer values > 0 or full changeset URLs.ŒThis changeset has objects that are not present in current dataset. It is needed to download them before reverting. Do you want to continue? Tool: {0}!Unexpected data in changeset #{1}˙˙ Checking coordinates of {0} node!Checking coordinates of {0} nodes"Downloading history for {0} object#Downloading history for {0} objects