Please insert the new level-tag number you want to add.
If the OK button got pressed you will switch to the drawing action.
To finish the new object please press spacebar. The new level
will be tagged automatically. ?Activates the plug-inAdd a new levelAdd a new level to layer..Add selected tags and/or relations to obeject.Apply Apply TagsCancelNCreation-Tool for multipolygon with role: outer. To finish press the spacebar.~Creation-Tool for multipolygons with role: inner. To finish press spacebar. To add to relation select "outer" and press enter.#Deactivate automatic level tagging.!Deactivate multipolygon function.ErrorExample: ''2'' or ''3''€Gives assistance for the mapping process of indoor OSM building data. Includes a validator and a mappaint style for indoor-data.INNERIndoorIndoor Mapping Helper Insert level Level Name Level name MultipolygonNameNo data selected.=No relation or no relation member with role "outer" selected.OKOUTERObjectOptional name-tag for a level.POWERPlease insert a value.>Please press spacebar first to add "outer" object to relation. ReferenceRelation-Error Repeat onSelects the working level.#Sets optional name tag for a level.3Sets the name tag when the room-object is selected.Sets the name tag.2Sets the ref tag when the room-object is selected.Sets the referance tag.fSets the repeat on tag when highway objects are selected. Please tag like this: -3-4 or -2--3 or 5-6 .Show Help-Browser. Shows the current working level."The object preset you want to tag.%Toolbox for indoor mapping assistance Working LevelWorking level: NONEWorking level: {0} level number:˙˙